A watch only wallet that monitors your wallets while your offline. 

Effortlessly monitor all your Bitcoin wallets in one safe place.


“walletBouncer is an excellent solution for those who wish to keep an extra eye on their cold storage wallets, as well as those who need to be notified of expected transactions to any Bitcoin address.”

Paul Fabozzi
CEO, walletBouncer

COMING SOON…..Real-time Balances


  • Get Notified on Email, International Texts or Mobile Phone Push Notifications
  • Receive Text Notifications in over 200 Countries
  • Your Privacy Protected Using Modern Cryptography
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Bitcoin Network
  • Notifications for Unconfirmed, and Confirmed Transactions
  • Compatible with Segwit bech32 (bc1) addresses

Effortlessly stay on top of Bitcoin Wallets

  • Great solution for Bitcoin Cold Storage Monitoring
  • Perfect if you need to be notified when payment received
  • Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets storage schemes

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