A watch only wallet that monitors your wallets while your offline. 

Effortlessly monitor all your Bitcoin wallets in one safe place.



  • Watch-Only Bitcoin Wallet with Real-time Activity Notifications
  • Supports multiple wallets. View and monitor all your Bitcoin in 1 place
  • Displays live balances with local currency support
  • Support for HD wallets.
  • Register x pub key once, and receive notifications on all future transactions.
  • Receive Notifications on Email, International Texts, or Mobile Phone Notifications
  • walletBouncer servers monitor bitcoin network 24/7 even when your phone is off
  • Your addresses and keys are encrypted with AES encryption

Effortlessly stay on top of Bitcoin Wallets

  • Great solution for Bitcoin Cold Storage Monitoring
  • Business users can be notified when payments are received
  • Investors can keep round-the-clock track of their assets, and be immediately notified of any activity
  • Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets storage schemes

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