walletBouncer Available for iPhone and iPad

Bitcoin Wallet Monitoring Service Now Available on Apple iPhone

WalletBouncer, based in New York City has released a Bitcoin wallet monitoring service.  Available as a free download on iPhone platform, walletBouncer monitors the Bitcoin network for activity against wallet addresses, with quick notifications directly to a cell phone, and email.   Wallet security services like walletBouncer serve as a crucial component of a comprehensive Bitcoin storage strategy.

WalletBouncer is designed from the ground up with its members’ privacy in mind.   Wallet addresses are shielded from leaks and hacks by modern cryptographic technology.  Not even walletBouncer have access to its members’ bitcoin wallet addresses.  WalletBouncer is an excellent solution for Bitcoin holders, and direct investors who wish to be quickly notified of any incoming or outgoing activity on their cold storage and hot wallets.

Available Now on the Apple App Store

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