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  • Is walletBouncer a Bitcoin wallet application?

walletBouncer is a special kind of wallet that does not allow for spending bitcoin but only allows for monitoring and viewing of balances. There are no private keys so there is no way to spend the bitcoin in that wallet using walletBouncer.

  • Can I monitor other coins or tokens using walletBouncer?

walletBouncer is a Bitcoin only app. It does not support any other chains or tokens.

  • Does walletBouncer support HD wallets?

Yes. Once registered an HD wallet will have access to all future addresses Both regular, and change addresses. To register an HD wallet, you will need to retrieve the wallets extended public key or xpub key. Some wallets like Trezor make this easily available.

  • What is the difference between addresses and HD Wallets in walletBouncer?

Registering addresses watches only that one address, and no others in your wallet. This is a great solution for paper wallets, and other cold storage wallets. Bitcoin addresses start with 1 or 3 or bc1. These are usually wallets that don’t have much activity on them.

Registering HD Wallets using extended public keys (or xpub keys) gives walletBouncer access to all the future addresses in an HD wallet. Extended public keys can start with xpub, ypub, or zpub. These wallets usually have in and outbound activity on them.

  • How is walletBouncer different than other watch-only wallets?

While other wallets can perform watch-only functions, walletBouncer also provides a monitoring and notification service that can email and text you of any activity immediately. The notifications work even if the app, or your phone is off.

  • How is walletBouncer better than just bookmarking my addresses on any block explorer?

Monitoring your wallets using a block explorer will require you to actively check on them often. Having to actively check on them is time consuming, inconvenient and could raise privacy issues. WalletBouncer will not require you to constantly check your balances, you can just set it, and get on with your life. We will let you know when there is something to know.

  • I register my xpub or address key, but my balance doesnt show

Your balances are scanned using our own internal bitcoin nodes. We do not use external services or API’s for this. Balance scans are queued on the servers and could take 5 minutes or more before your balance will show up. Once your initial balance is retrieved, walletBouncer will not have to do another full scan to keep it updated.

  • What is the difference between the free version, and the premium version?

The premium version will enable users to register and watch more than 1 wallet. If you only have a single wallet, there is really no reason to upgrade to the premium version.


  • What does walletBouncer do to protect its members privacy?

At walletBouncer, we recognize how sensitive our members are about their privacy. Our service is designed to store all public addresses using AES encryption. Each members addresses are encrypted using their unique encryption key, which is derived from their password. We do not store this in any databases or logs on our servers, and our users can turn off monitoring at any time using the client app (Available as of version 1.2). walletBouncer staff does not have access to its members addresses. They cannot be leaked, stolen, or dumped.

  • Why do I need to provide my email address?

Monitoring of the bitcoin network is performed on servers that provide round the clock lookout for any transactions that may contain an address we are monitoring for you. We do need to be able to email someone when there is activity on their wallets. We don’t ask for name, address, country of residence. If you want text alerts, you can optionally provide a phone number. There are no KYC requirements at walletBouncer.

  • How does walletBouncer get balances and exchange rates?

We do not get your balances from external API services. We have local bitcoin nodes running that are used to scan for balances. Currency exchange rates are refreshed server side, and refreshed inapp directly from walletBouncer servers.

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