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Use Cases

  • Is walletBouncer a Bitcoin wallet application?

No. Wallets allow for spending, receiving and storing of Bitcoin. Wallets have the users private key in them so they can sign transactions. walletBouncer is not a wallet application, and does not store private keys. walletBouncer currently does one simple thing well, it monitors wallets, and sends out notifications of all activity on those wallets. walletBouncer is compatible with all Bitcoin wallets.

  • How is walletBouncer different than “Monitoring Only” feature in some wallet applications

Some wallets provide for “Monitoring Only” addresses which will allow users to use an app to check on balances of your addresses, but these require you to have the app running and for you to actively load and view them manually. walletBouncer is a server side service that continuously monitors the Bitcoin network for any activity on your wallet addresses, and notifies you without you having to check on it. You will just get a notification almost immediately via an SMS text, an email, or mobile phone push notification.

  • How is walletBouncer better than just bookmarking my addresses on any block explorer?

Monitoring your wallets using a block explorer will require you to actively check on them often. Having to actively check on them is time consuming, and inconvenient. WalletBouncer will not require you to constantly check your balances, you can just set it, and get on with your life. We will let you know when there is something to know. Additionally, with analytics systems in use today, constant traffic to the same address will have privacy implications.


  • I dont want to share my public Bitcoin addresses

At walletBouncer, we recognize how sensitive our members are about sharing their public addresses. Our service is designed to store all public addresses using AES encryption. Each members addresses are encrypted using their unique encryption key, which is derived from their password. We do not store this in any tables on our servers, and our users can turn off monitoring at any time using the client app (Available as of version 1.2). walletBouncer staff does not have access to its members addresses. They cannot be leaked, stolen, dumped, or demanded.

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